Understanding Our Sizes

Find Your perfect size

We offer 7 different options for you to choose from. These range from very very small to an extra large 11x14 size sketch book. We wanted to provide a bit more clarity around the different notebook sizes that we have available. 

We are always adding more size so be sure to send us a note if their is a size you would like for us to offer.

Mini Journal

These are very small journals. They range around 2 inches. They will fit into the plam of your hand.


5x7 Journal

These are 5-inch x 7-inch (12.7-cm x 17.78-cm) size journals that come with either 75 or 100 pages of paper. A little smaller than the standard notebooks you will find in the market, but ideal for those on the go.

Compact and easy to travel with.

Available in lined and unlined pages.


8x6 Journal

These are 8-inch x 6-inch (20.32-cm x 15.24-cm) size journals. A tad bigger than our standard quotes journal, this size is ideal for those that write with big stokes of the pen.


7x7 Journals

These are 7-inch x 7-inch (17.78-cm x 17.78-cm) size journals. A perfect square; this journal is can be used for many purposes from urban sketching to guest books. 

These also layflat so they are best fit for those that love to use paints.



These are A5 - 6.29" x 8.74" (16cm x 22.2cm) size journals. The perfect option for those seeking a work notebooks. Ideal for corporate gifting.

The traveler's style makes it refillable.


Regular Traveler's Journal

These are 4.76" wide x 8.74" long size journals. Designed to be the ideal travel companion on any trip. The compact size makes it easy to tuck away anywhere.


Extra Large - XL

These are 11-inch by 14-inch journals. These are an absolute must have for any artitst. The large size provides the perfect canvas for all your creativity.


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