Customizing Your Journal

Get a custom-printed journal with your favorite quote, phrase, or line image.

We can now print your content onto our plain cover journals.
We use a laser printing process that burns the text or image onto the covers.

While our exclusive designs are debossed onto our sustainable leather using an age-old book binding technique, the custom journals we make in our studio use a laser machine to print the text onto the existing journal covers.

Note: We maintain the right not to print any inappropriate content by our team.

We have outlined more details about customization below.


The text or image will be positioned at the front center of the journal. We maintain the ability to edit and shift the content you provide so that the overall look fits into the ideal aesthetic.

Image And Text:

We highly suggest limiting to 150 characters, including spaces, to get the best design output. Some special characters such as hearts [❤️️] or stars [⭐️] can be accommodated, but we cannot add emojis.

For images, please make sure it is a line drawing png file.

Adds on:

We offer several optional add ons for your custom journals, from charms, and pens, to gift wrapping.

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Examples of Custom Journals

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