Fun Leather Journals for Unique Gifts

Fun Leather Journals for Unique Gifts

Journaling is a centuries-old tradition. It is the perfect tool for when you want to reflect and delve deeper into your mind, jot down the beauty and diversity you encounter while traveling, or just intentionally plan the year to come. The superior craftsmanship of durable and elegant leather journals is incomparable. For a discerning loved one, a leather journal makes for a unique and precious gift. Here are a few that cut:

Soothi Zodiac Journals

The distinctive Zodiac Journals by Soothi are works of art. Put a smile on the face of your loved ones with these beautifully crafted genuine leather journals that come embossed with the astrological constellations of their zodiac sign and words that best describe them.

Wrapped around 100 pages of unlined white handmade cotton paper, the warm brown cover is made of top-quality leather. At 5”x7”, these delightful journals are just the right size to carry around with you so you can record your adventures, random ideas, and innermost thoughts.

Personalized Engraved Leather Journals at Etsy

Painstakingly customized by Glenn, the owner of the Etsy store MemoriesMadeCustom, these engraved leather journals are handmade with genuine leather.

Choose between one to four engravings of images and text in over 24 fonts. From classic choices such as Arial and Times New Roman to unique fonts like Dead Saloon, Go 2 Old Western, and God of War, choose a font as amazing as the person you will be gifting this leather journal to. The owner even sends out mockups on request so you can see your design come to life.

In the Eleventh Hour Hourglass Mini Leather Journal

If you are looking for something smaller in size, our Eleventh Hour leather journal is just the one for you. At 4.25”x5.5”, this mini journal boasts excellent build quality. Every aspect of it from the rich brown leather cover to the stitched-in bleed-resistant handmade cotton paper breathes quality.

Embossed with the phrase “In The Eleventh Hour” and an old-world hourglass, this journal also has a brass lock closure designed to ward off prying eyes. The traditional Coptic binding and classic piping design along the edges make this stylish leather journal a distinctive and elegant gift.

Leather Bound Journal Rustic Style Guest Book

Leather journals are durable and best used to record information that you hope to recollect for a long time to come. The Leather Bound Journal Rustic Style Guest Book is much more than a run-of-the-mill guest book. Record the details of your first date, your epic marriage proposal, and the hundreds of little memories that make your relationship special.

The distressed leather cover encases 48 handmade pages bound with leather threads. The aged leather finish and graceful hand-printed borders offer the perfect rustic vibe for your themed wedding.

Steer clear of off-the-rack mundane offerings, and gift these handcrafted, vintage-styled, durable journals to people who matter to you.

Visit our shop to discover our selection of high-quality journals.

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