5 Journaling Tips for Beginners

5 Journaling Tips for Beginners

You may have been thinking of journaling for a long time, but there comes a point when you need to stop thinking and start journaling. The first thing to do is to reexamine your idea of what journaling is. Most people believe journaling involves writing poetic prose that goes on for pages and pages. Journaling is simply a tool that you can use to set some time aside to delve into your day, your life goals, and the flow of your thoughts. Here are 5 journaling tips to get you started. 


Get A Real Journal

Though there are many journaling apps ready for download, it is a better idea to use traditional journals and writing instruments. Having an app on your device might be convenient, but you will still be staring at a screen where distracting notifications abound. You can always use an app to quickly jot down stray thoughts while you are at work. 


Start In The Morning

Journaling at the end of the day may sound like a good idea – a lot has happened, and penning a recap of the day makes sense. However, it is much more likely that journaling slips out of your mind after a hard day’s work. Start your day by writing down what you hope to achieve and recapping your dreams.


Try Brain Dumping Ideas First

Plenty of time gets wasted as you reframe and rethink ideas. A brain dump or stream of consciousness style of writing involves writing about everything you think of – exactly as you think it. Forget about judging your thoughts, editing for grammar, and creating a defined flow – just write. 


Take Advantage of Journaling Prompts 

A blank page seems daunting, especially for a beginner. Look for journaling prompts to get you started. Even though you may start by answering a prompt, you will eventually get to writing about whatever topic or issue is on the forefront of your mind. 


Practice Gratitude

Sometimes you may not even realize that you are currently enjoying what you had once desperately hoped for. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude will help you change your overall perspective toward problems in life. Simply jot down three things you are thankful for at the start of every day. 


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