The power of counting WINS!

The power of counting WINS!

By Michelle Adams

Right now, more than ever, people are experiencing feelings of anxiousness, depression, and loneliness. These unusual times are bringing to the surface, parts of ourselves that are challenging and difficult. 

To combat negative self-talk, it is essential to develop a resilient and positive mindset. While shifting our perspective to focus on the positive is not easy, it is possible to learn a few simple techniques that can help create that mindset shift. 

We have all at some point spent years thinking negatively, worrying about the future, or perseverating about an experience that caused unhappiness. Learning to count your wins can help you find ways to focus more on the positive and be more present in your day-to-day. 

The key is simplicity + consistency. 

Humans are habitual creatures that are built to survive. The survival mechanism sends alarms off in the form of worry, fear, and anxiety when unfamiliar or uncertain circumstances arise. Left unattended, the thoughts swirl, and the emotions grow, and ultimately, non-serving behaviors follow. This can be in the form of snapping at others, over-eating, over-thinking, and other self-sabotaging behaviors.

Thankfully, we are ever-changing beings that can adopt new ways of thinking and behaving, with the repetition of pragmatic thoughts or actions. 

Journaling can give us the anchor we need to bring awareness to what we are doing right, thereby bringing focus to something we want to repeat. Writing down the "good" things that happen in our day helps us connect and pay attention to the emotions that are attached to feeling good. The more you feel good, the more you think good thoughts, and the more behaviors & actions that serve you, start to follow.


This simple act of writing down your 'WINS,' does, in fact, assist in the re-shaping of the unconscious mind. When done in the evening, your brain will use this information while you are sleeping, creating serving memories and wiring together new synapses. Yes, it's that powerful! These new synapses allow you to literally start seeing and focusing on the positive things throughout your day, and naturally shift you away from focusing on the "bad."

How to start writing your wins 

First, you want to establish a time and place that you will take your journal out and write your WINS. Having a pre-set time and place to do this exercise will ensure you do it. We keep ours by the dinner table. As soon as we finish eating, we take our journals out, spend a few minutes writing our WINS from the last 24 hours, and share them. This has become one of my favorite times of the day. I love hearing others talk about their WINS. 

The beautiful thing about creating a dialogue around WINS is that you aren't complaining or venting about what went wrong, what didn't work, who upset you, etc. Spending our time and energy on what isn't working only brings more chaos and stress.

WINS help you feel calm, build confidence, and strengthen relationships. They teach us to see our progress rather than expect perfection.

WINS are about acknowledging the little things that went right and made you feel good in your day!

Examples of WINS include:

  • Making the bed

  • Not reacting to someone not putting something away but simply choosing 

  • to put it away

  • Sunshine

  • Texting with a friend or family member

  • Being able to get healthy food at the grocery store

  • Smiling at a stranger and saying hello during your walk

  • Working on a project or learning something new for even just a little 

You can write WINS around specific goals you are working towards or anything in general. It's important to understand that wins don't have to be the "big" things, acknowledging the small day to day actions that you are proud of can help build a lot of confidence over time.   

I hope you'll start counting your WINS right now!!! Do them as soon as you get into your day. Talk about them throughout the day. See the good in you because you are worth it! 

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Michelle is a certified Eliminate Your Limits, Mindset Specialist. She is the owner of Unbreakable Mind, where she works with women remotely, helping them identify self limiting beliefs, conquer past stories, and learn a practical system for simple goal achievement. 
She currently resides in Dublin, CA. In addition to coaching women 1-1 and in groups on-line, she runs a local meet-up, as well as a free private group on Facebook, Empowered Women with Michelle. She can also be found on Instagram at unbreakablemindcoach as well as her business page on Facebook, Unbreakable MIND. 

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