The Best Journaling List Ideas

The Best Journaling List Ideas

Journaling has no limits, and the beauty of it is that we can get so creative with our journaling skills while we aim to leverage journaling to keep track of our goals, we can also make it fun. One thing that we recommend to beginners is to make journal lists, for example, "10 songs that define me." Creating various journaling lists can help inspire future topics. This format of journaling can also be used with bullet journaling.

Here are some journaling list ideas that you will love. For each "list" topic, when you create your lists, write down at least 15 points for each.

- List your goals and dreams for 2019.

- List your favorite activities to have fun.

- List the name of 15 people who have impacted your life in a positive way.

- List 10 new things that you want to try.  

- List what you love about your partner.

- List the best qualities that others see in you.

- List the best qualities that you see in yourself.

- List your top strengths.

- List what you want to improve on in the new year.

- List the things that you could declutter from your house.

- List some types of food that you should avoid.

- List some of your favorite quotes.

- List some of the things that motivate you.

- List some difficult situations in your life that have made you a better person.

- List your dream travel destinations.

- List your top 15 motivating songs.

- List the things that you are grateful for.

- List your favorite cheat foods.

- List your favorite books that have created a positive impact on your life.

- List some specific business goals for the new year.

- List some mentors that you would love to meet.

- List why you are thankful for TODAY!

We hope that these quick list ideas will inspire your next journal entries. We often hear "practice makes perfect" but with journaling, there is no need to feel the need for your entries to be "perfect" everything that you write, you write from the heart, and that is what will make each and every entry unique.

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