5 Journaling Topics to Inspire You in The New Year

5 Journaling Topics to Inspire You in The New Year

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The holidays and the end of the year are always a good time to do some reflecting and take a breath and process everything that went down: the memories you created during the year, the new milestones that you achieved, the areas of opportunities, and your new career goals.

When you journal with a strategy in mind, you're more likely to be able to better keep track of your goals. Here are five journaling topics to inspire your New Year goals.

1. Map out one big scary goal.

We all have one big scary goal that we wish we could tackle, but somehow it always ends up at the bottom of our to-do list. Take the opportunity to journal about your big goal and map it out. What will you do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to achieve that goal of yours? Now that you'll have your goal mapped out, you'll be more likely to keep yourself accountable to achieve that goal.

2. Write about the BEST and the WORST moments of 2018 (or any previous year.)

Life isn't always perfect but being aware of the best moments we experience can allow us to recreate those moments When we keep in mind the not-so-great moments we'll also do everything in our power to avoid them happening again. Reflecting and being self-aware is key for self-growth.

3. Write a Q&A for yourself or your partner.

If you are doing this for yourself, write down a list of questions you would ask yourself in 5 years. Example: If my older and wiser self would be in this situation, what would I tell myself to do?

If you are doing a Q&A for a partner, ask them what they love, what their goals are, what they would like to achieve in the New Year, etc. This 'll inspire you and will feel more connected with your partner; you'll also know what goals and dreams they have for the New Year and can help give them the support that they need.

4. Write a love letter.

Single or not, this is the perfect exercise to recognize how giving you are and how great of a partner you are or would be. If you write a love letter to a partner, tell them what you love most about them, what their biggest qualities are, and why you are thankful for having them in your life. If you write a letter to a future partner, lay it all out on the table, and hopefully one day, you get to share this beautiful journal entry with a special someone.

5. Make a gratitude list.

Sometimes life can get hard, and it can be difficult to always remain positive, but it's so essential to acknowledge what we are grateful for on a regular basis and this is key to having a positive attitude. Make a list of at least 10 things that you are thankful for; these could be recent things or events or general things you have been thankful for during the course of your life.

Just in time for the holidays, these journal entry topics should inspire you to journal to the best of your abilities.

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