How to Use Your Favorite Quotes for Writing Inspiration

How to Use Your Favorite Quotes for Writing Inspiration

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From time to time you may be left needing a little extra inspiration to come up with writing topics and ideas. Journaling requires commitment, passion, and a love for storytelling. Even the most skilled writers and published authors need a helping hand at one point in their writing journey. Read this blog "How to Use Your Favorite Quotes for Writing Inspiration" to learn how to gain inspiration and ideas from your favorite quotes.

Create a "Quote" board on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a great place to get inspired and come up with new writing topics. Make a private "quote" board and save quotes that inspire you and quotes that contain topics that you would like to include in your next articles. The key is to find quotes relevant to the topics you enjoy writing about. Example: If you enjoy writing about business growth, you can search Pinterest for "business growth quotes” and save them to your board. When you need a little inspiration, visit your board.

Read at least 3-5 quotes per day to fuel your soul.

Starting your day by reading some quotes every day can not only inspire you but also fuel your mind with positivity. Positive thinking has an impact on our everyday lives and the more positive we are, the more inspired we get.

Write a journal entry on why you relate to a certain quote.

If you've been drawn to a specific quote for a long time, it's likely that there are great reasons why. Make a journal entry dedicated to your all-time favorite quote. Write about the feelings that the quote brings you, what it means to you and why it motivates you. Tell the world why you can relate to it and what it has brought you.

Write a "top 10 list."

Round up all of your favorite motivational and life quotes and make a journal entry titled "Top 10 motivational quotes." You can even use this inspiration to create your next blog or article entry. Make it personal to you, and don't forget to give credit to the quote authors.

We hope we were able to provide you with some inspiration. Looking for a new journal, you'll want to head over to our shop section, and check out our inspiring journals.

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