How to Create Your Bucket List

How to Create Your Bucket List

Most of us have a bucket list A.K.A, a list of things that you wish to accomplish in your lifetime. Goals that you wish to accomplish, places that you wish to visit, career accomplishments, life and family goals, whatever they may be, if you hold these close and dear to your heart, they belong on your bucket list.

The best way to ensure that you accomplish your bucket list is to put it on paper and understand the steps required to make each of these items a reality.

You'll want to start by writing down those goals in order of difficulty. Whatever goals or dreams on your bucket list are the easiest to attain, begin with those. Then continue with items from your list that are a little more difficult. Everything is attainable; the key is to have a strategy.

Map out when you think (approximately) you'd like to check off each item on your list. Example: When do you want to go on your adventures? When do you want to buy your first home etc.?

Once you are done making your list, visit each item and make a note of what is required to attain each of these goals. How much money will it take, how much time would it take, and what exact steps do you think are needed to accomplish each of these goals? The more detailed you get, the better you can create your strategy to make all of these happen.

Visit your list regularly and ensure that you are taking the steps you have set out for yourself. Make all of those dreams come true and attain all of your goals.

Invest in a beautiful leather journal to build your bucket list.

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