How to Collect Your Summer Memories with Your Journal

How to Collect Your Summer Memories with Your Journal

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Whether you want to use this past summer as a way to inspire new adventures, or you simply love collecting memories to appreciate what you've been able to accomplish, collecting your summer memories is for you.  

In this tech-friendly world, most people share memories by posting pictures on social media. But when it comes to preserving memories to last a lifetime, the best way to collect your summer memories is with your journal. If you are contemplating journaling your sunny adventures, here are a few simple and elegant ways to get you started. 

  • Pick your summertime journal carefully

The first step is to choose a journal to record your summertime fun. Get one that is durable yet light so you can carry it around with you wherever you go. Ensure that there are enough pages for you to write down your adventures and put in some pictures and memorabilia. Soothi journals are your best bet with a little something for every taste. 

  • Use summer journaling prompts

If you are not someone who writes frequently, an empty journal may seem daunting. Create a list of summer journaling prompts which includes ideas like what goes you accomplished this summer, your favorite things that you did outdoors, preferred summer activities, and what you felt like in various moments during the summer. Pick a prompt and use it as a guideline. As you start writing, allow your mind to take you where it will. 

  • Create a photo journal

Photos allow you to recall your memories much quicker than words. Take all of your photos from this past summer, print them, and post them in your journal. Describe what is happening in each picture. When you leaf through your journal months later, your summer memories will be as good as new. 

  • Press flowers in your journal

Flowers bring life into this world and stories as well. Save some flowers from your most recent bouquets or your backyard. Place the flower between two pieces of absorbent paper, put it between the pages of a book, and weigh it down with something heavy. Change the blotting paper once every few days, and the pressed flowers will be ready to be included in the pages of your journal in a couple of weeks. Save your last entry for a highlights list so you can relive your favorite memories at will. 

We hope that you enjoyed these tips and that you're ready to remember this past summer with your journal. 

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