10 Beautiful Fall Journal Spreads

10 Beautiful Fall Journal Spreads

If your introduction to writing is journaling, be prepared for the beginning of a lifelong journey of self-discovery and personal growth. The feeling of tracing pen over paper, and writing down your thoughts, dreams, fears, and insecurities, will be unmatched. If you can relate to this, this journal may be perfect for you this fall. 

2. "We All Become Stories" Blonde Handmade Leather Journal

The cover of this journal will inspire you to write. Every time you see this beautiful quote; you'll feel inspired. The scent of the new paper, is intoxicating, leading to binge-writing for hours on end. Writing in a journal, made for writers, will make you feel like one. 

3. Personalized Leather Journal

Photo source: SanTanLeather Etsy Shop

Photo source: SanTanLeather Etsy Shop

Our best seller is also available in a refillable style! This is the perfect book for travelers who want to record their adventures. The sleek design brings out the explorer in everybody. The beauty of writing is that you don't have to leave the house to go on an adventure. All you need is your mind. The pages are soft and easy to write on, making the trip inside your mind, a breeze. 

6. Five-Year Journal Written One Line A Day

Listen up men; this is the perfect journal for someone special in your life. The colors are pretty, a combination of pink and gold. The journal's small size makes it the perfect companion for a handbag — this journal's designed to be used every day, for five years. If you want to leave a lasting impression, get this unique gift. They will think about you whenever it is being used. Perfect for someone starting school or some early holiday shopping. 

Photo credit: PortlandLeather Etsy Shop

Photo credit: PortlandLeather Etsy Shop

7. Personalized Leather Journal Fire

This journal looks like it belongs on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean. It's a journal made for travelers, for individuals who wish to explore the world. The unique design makes it the perfect gift. The type of gift you won't find anywhere else. The journal is handmade, and the makers pay careful attention to detail.

8. Floral Embossed Latch Journal

One of the prettiest journals you'll ever see. The type of journal Leonardo da Vinci would use. It's straight out of the renaissance age, the most artistic period in human history. The colors match the fall, making it the perfect gift for this coming season. A journal is as beautiful as this deserves to produce beautiful art. But if that's not the case, you can simply start over. The journal is refillable and perfect for someone who writes a lot. 

9. The Life Manifesto Oversized Large Handmade Leather Journal

The journal is so big, and it can be used as a centerpiece to liven up a room. The cover has character, compelling you to open it and investigate what's inside. You don't have to write in this journal to enjoy it. The compliments you'll receive for it will make it worthwhile — the perfect addition to our fall spread. 

10. Om Yoga Blonde Handmade Leather Journal

Energy is never lost or created; it's transferred. Buddhist monks use mantras, symbols, and pictures to transfer energy. They believe everything has a frequency. Certain objects transmit frequencies that have a calming effect. These objects are sought after to improve a person's well-being.

The symbol, on the cover of this journal, is called the Om. A quick look at the cover is enough to tame a restless soul. Waking up to this every morning will improve your well-being. It's a lot healthier than looking at your phone. It won't damage your eyes. And instead of awakening your anxiety, it will put it to sleep.

We hope that you enjoyed this fall spread and that you'll feel inspired to discover your next journal. 

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