About Us & Where We Stand

About Us & Where We Stand

Dear Soothi Friends -

My name is Krittika, you might know me as Krit, and I am the founder of Soothi. I am an American of Asian-Indian heritage. I was born in India, I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, and I started this company in Atlanta, where I also went for undergraduate and graduate school. Currently, we are located in Oakland, California. 

I am usually not very vocal about who I am and prefer to let my work (this brand) talk. This was an early decision on my part because of my experiences with bias and the negative impact those biases were having on this company. However, given where we are as a society at this moment, I feel that silence about who we are is no longer an option.  

The Soothi team is made up of a diverse group of five women, of which 80% of us are POC, and 100% stand in solidarity with the Black community in the fight against systematic racism in all of its forms. 

Inclusivity and learning are the core values of our brand. The Soothi community centers around the desire to understand ourselves and our world and taking action that helps us grow. This means taking the time to understand racism, inequality, injustice, and brutality in our society and investing in work to create a more just and fair world. The actions we are taking as a company include: 

  1. Making products that feature more diverse voices from the past and the present 

  2. Amplifying the creative work of black artists 

  3. Not hiding behind our work and showing our diverse team 

  4. Continued partnership with OneTreePlanted (because we all need more trees) and donating 20% of our profits from June 2020 to Colorofchange.org 

  5. Educating myself on anti-racism and the Black Lives Matter movement

Thanks for taking the time to read this! 


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