"Kaleidoscope Dreams" Coptic Handmade Journal
"Kaleidoscope Dreams" Coptic Handmade Journal
"Kaleidoscope Dreams" Coptic Handmade Journal
"Kaleidoscope Dreams" Coptic Handmade Journal

"Kaleidoscope Dreams" Coptic Handmade Journal

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Unleash the colors of your imagination onto the pages of our "Kaleidoscope Dreams" Coptic Handmade Journal. This vibrant, art-inspired notebook is a sanctuary for your thoughts, musings, and personal reflections. With its cover boasting a mesmerizing array of colors, this journal is a call to the creative spirit within you.

The journal's pages are lovingly crafted from 120gsm recycled paper waste, offering you a high-quality, sustainable writing experience. Each sheet is carefully bound with the traditional Coptic stitching method, ensuring your journal opens flat for a seamless, unobstructed flow of ideas.

The front cover proudly states "Some Self-Reflection Required," setting the tone for the personal journey that lies within its pages. Fastened with a wooden button and elastic closure, your innermost thoughts are kept secure, yet easily accessible when inspiration strikes.

This handcrafted gem is perfect for artists, writers, and dreamers who are as environmentally conscious as they are creatively inclined. It's not just a notebook; it's a canvas for self-expression, a companion for brainstorming sessions, and a haven for introspection.

With this journal, you're not just choosing a place to jot down notes; you're selecting a piece of art that encourages you to explore the depths of your imagination while respecting the environment. Embrace the journey of self-discovery with our "Kaleidoscope Dreams" Coptic Handmade Journal.

Connect With Yourself


At Soothi A journal is more than a work surface. It’s a landscape. A self-portrait. A stage. It’s a launchpad. A treasure chest. Home-base and H.Q. It’s where it all starts. Where the magic happens. Where dreams become reality. It’s the one dedicated place, throughout history, across the globe, where we all go to think, learn, write, sketch, plan, invent, improve and reimagine.

Handmade Paper


The Leather used on our journals is repurposed leather that would've otherwise gone to waste. This means that it inherently has natural imperfections, marks, and spots.

The paper on all Soothi journals is handmade with recycled cotton waste. It has a luxurious fibrous feel and offers a lot of versatility.

The multi-use, high-quality paper can be used for anything from writing your daily affirmations to watercoloring, sketching, bullet journaling, more!

Your journal Your Way

The paper is also acid-free and can be used for all kinds of creative pages like watercoloring, collage art, scrapbooking and more! It makes an excellent gift for writers, artists or anyone who appreciates good design.

Fountain Pen

Pressed Flowers

Water Color

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