Monthly Horoscope and Astrology Update by Soothi Journals

Monthly Horoscope and Astrology Update by Soothi Journals

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Astrology can always draw a little curiosity; it's exciting to know when there is a new moon when you are showing signs of adventure, life updates, things to watch for in your relationship, and more.

With the holidays just around the corner and the end of the year fast approaching we thought you might want to know your monthly horoscope. To top it off, we've paired your monthly horoscope with the perfect astrological zodiac symbol Soothi journal to make your holiday shopping a little easier.


Aries: There is nothing that can stop you from achieving your dreams and getting your desires met. This month you’ll inevitably experience your final stages of personal awakening & dare to do things that no one has done before you! This will also affect your love life. Get ready for a refreshing new beginning with your mate & for a new level of commitment. You’ll have plenty of other options too. Perhaps you will decide to go back to school or travel! You are limitless and people are watching and are inspired by you. Also, be mindful of your mentor and what benefits they have to offer you.

Taurus: Last month was a bit of a rollercoaster with your partner but fear not this month – you’ll feel as if you have finally struck gold! Previous turbulence is long gone and the waters are now calm. All of your doubt and hopelessness will prove to be a lie & you’ll realize that your partner is truly where you want to be. You’ll also find that your health and work-life are flourishing. You might also earn extra cash through investments, royalties, bonus or commission checks, a financial settlement, or even an inheritance!


Gemini: Love! That’s what this month will bring forth for you. Whether you are married, dating or single get ready for a romantic storyline. At times, in your relationship, it may feel too good to be true! Embrace the beauty of commitment & anticipate a lot of joy. Remember that communication is important with your partner – work through each scenario with patience and enjoy the journey.


Cancer: Your professional career is about to get a refreshing boost. You might suddenly quit a job that makes you miserable only to find your dream job the very next day. Or, you might have a sudden opportunity to seize a promotion or expand a freelance business. Your health will also be protected. Consider the things that you need to do over the next year & get them done since healthcare won’t be an issue for you. Money won’t be an issue either as it will regulate itself. Also, be mindful that your soul mate might be at the next family gathering!


Leo: A year of goodness in your love life is coming to you. You may not meet your person in the month of November; however, the perfect alignment of the stars is happening! In the meantime, focus on your creative endeavors. Your unmatched passion for this project is the reason it will succeed. Also, expect deep healing in your family unit. Sibling rivalry is soon to come to an end!


Virgo: You’ll notice that familial relationships will begin to get better. Also bear in mind, that it will be one of the best possible times for you to move, renovate, or otherwise change your living situation. That financial decision that you need to make – move forward. You’ll be pleased with your decision and your confidence will skyrocket. You’ll be in the spotlight this month and success will follow your every move.


Libra: This period for you has been significant. Not only has it brought up a host of insecurities for you to navigate, but there might have been a great deal of uncertainty regarding a romantic relationship or a financial situation. You'll see major developments in both of these areas in November, that's for sure. The biggest change will happen on the inside, as the holes in who you need to be filled. Knowing your worth will translate into stronger, happier relationships with others and a more successful relationship with money as well.


Scorpio: After a long phase of contemplation, there is something about your journey and development that you might be ready to initiate. This month you've got the power to stop thinking and start doing! Get ready for financial gain, as things will align for you to increase your ability to get wealth. Begin to execute your ideas. You’ll watch your confidence and income grow. As far as your personal life is concerned – try stepping out and sharing those secrets. Tough conversations are necessary and it’s time to free yourself of secrets holding you captive.

Sagittarius: Everywhere you turn – support is all around you. What a wonderful place to be in! There is power in intention this month.  Believe in the things that you desire to see and truly make an internal shift. The universe will grant you what you desire. Take a step back, define your dreams, and clarify the vision! You’ll also notice things heat up in your love life.


Capricorn: Radical changes are coming this month, but in the whirlwind, there will also be calm! Divine beings will be working overtime to make sure you are protected. Enjoy these spiritual benefits. You’ll also notice a sharp turn in your career! An exciting new opportunity awaits you. You’ll feel completed valued by your boss and others in leadership.


Aquarius: Friendship is the key to your happiness and success this month. A friend might introduce you to someone who has the power to make one of your aspirations a reality. Relationships are everything – so let your connections take you far! Reach for that promotion or even start a business. Remember to be patient & wait on the universe’s timing. You’ll also have some options with your love life! Choose wisely.

Pisces: Get ready to celebrate! You’ll be met this month with an incredibly refreshing energy that will catapult you right into your next level professionally! It is the very best time to launch a business if you've been considering branching out in an entrepreneurial way. If being an entrepreneur isn’t the way for you and perhaps you are considering a career change, the universe will support you. Your boss will hold you in high regard and things will be favorable for you. Keep your mind sharp and always pursue knowledge.


Now that you are up to date with your monthly horoscope you'll be ready to ring in the new year full of wisdom and equipped with the best journal gift ideas for your astrology lover friends!

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