How to Use Your Journal as a Food Diary

How to Use Your Journal as a Food Diary

If health is a new goal of yours for 2019, your journal is your best friend. Keeping track of what you eat is one of the best ways to be conscious of your overall health goals. We’ve compiled the best tips for you.


Get Clear on Your Goal.

In order to use your journal as your food diary, the first step is to get clear on your goals. Are you keeping track of your food to ensure that you eat a balanced diet, are you trying to achieve a certain weight goal, maybe you are trying to do both, or perhaps you are trying to plan your meals for the week? Once you are clear on your goal, write them on the first page of your journal. Each week revisit your “goal” page to ensure that you are on track with your goals.


Be Very Specific.

The next step is to ensure that you get specific. When you record your food entries, be as specific as possible, down to the simplest details. For example, if you prepare some fried eggs, don't simply write down the number of eggs that you had, write down if you used cooking oil, the type of oil or butter. Every detail counts when it comes to food journaling. If you are journaling to plan your meals, the same applies, you'll want to know exactly what you plan on cooking to ensure that you have everything required to do so in advance.


Don't Compare Yourself to Others.

You may meet others who are also using their journals as a food diary, remember that everyone is different with different goals, and it's important to remember that comparing yourself and your goals to others, will not help you in this journey.


Keep Track of How You Feel.

When you embark on a healthy-eating journey, or simply keep track of your food intake to learn more about yourself it's important to keep note of how you are feeling. Many people set out to have goals of losing weight or being better organized with meal planning, but the most important aspect is to ensure that you feel good. Make it a habit to take note of how you are feeling on a daily basis.


We love getting to know our community, if you use your journal as a food diary, let us know in the comments.

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