How to Leverage Journaling for Business Growth

How to Leverage Journaling for Business Growth

A lot of entrepreneurs get trapped in the day-to-day managing of their business and forget to take a macro view of what they've been doing and where they intend to go. 

Business growth is always on the minds of entrepreneurs. Journaling can help you prioritize and focus on achieving your business goals to drive growth. 

A business journal is a powerful tool to help you unglue your thought process, stop self-sabotaging, and become more accountable towards your business growth goals.

Here's how you can leverage journaling for business growth!

Start with the first page 

When you start a brand new journal for your business, the first blank page can be quite daunting. These are a few important details to include on your first page – the date, name of the business and its founding year, a general description of the products and services you offer, an idea of who your ideal clients are, the hopes that you have for business growth, a list of your achievements, and lastly, a list of the potential challenges you face. 


Points to reflect on daily 

Business growth is not something you can achieve overnight. Review the good work you have done today, write about the happenings of the day and the impact that they are likely to have on your business growth goals, the potential challenges you foresee, your worries about meeting these challenges, and a list of possible solutions. 


Identify an issue that you want to Improve

One of the techniques to drive business growth is to leverage your journal to build self-trust. Find an issue that really irritates you, and that you would like to work on. Whether you feel like an impostor or are bad at something, write your biggest problem at the top of the page.

Now, brain dump whatever comes to your mind on the topic. Be honest, and don't play the blame game. It might take some time, but you will most likely find an answer somewhere down the rabbit hole. 


Analyze your business goals on a regular basis

Journaling for business growth requires you to analyze the steps you are taking and the final goal you have in mind. Think long and hard about your business purpose – is your action plan taking you closer to meeting your business goals, does it align with your values, does it drive business growth, etc. 


Identify your patterns

The things you are stuck with today are not new. You have, in all probability, been in a similar situation before – it's the same dance, just on a different floor. Go through your entries periodically, and look for visible patterns. 

Perhaps, you react in the same unproductive way every time you are faced with a business issue, or you have the habit of not doing the things that feel uncomfortable. Look at these ingrained habits and work towards changing them to help you propel towards business growth. 

When you write a business journal, remember that you are writing about your hard work, so be realistic but kind to yourself. When your daily acts align with your vision, business growth will inevitably follow. Here's to your business success in 2020! 

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