How to Journal Your Way to Spring Cleaning

How to Journal Your Way to Spring Cleaning

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Now that spring has arrived we can look forward to some beautiful weather and get ready to create the most beautiful memories in the coming months. When we think of spring we also often hear the term "spring cleaning." What does this mean for you? Is it time to KonMari your home or simply clean up some old stuff that you don't need, or make room for some new things? Either way, we've got the best tips on how you can journal your way to spring cleaning.

Use your journal to make a list of things that you don't need.

Take a stroll around your house and see if you can spot things that you've been thinking of replacing or things that you've been thinking of getting rid of for a while. Make note of them and also make a quick note as to why you've been thinking of either replacing them or completely getting rid of them.

Making changes to our homes can be exciting but also stressful for many. Making note of why we want to purge certain items will help you in the process.

Make a list of new things you've been dreaming of getting for your home.

We all dream of giving our favorite rooms a fresh new look with some new furniture and décor. It's exciting to see what can happen when we make small changes. It's almost the same as being in a brand new home all over again.

When you make a list of things you've been wanting to get for your home, also make note of items in your home that you could compromise in exchange for your new wish list. Think of it as your one-for-one list. You get a new item, you give up an item. It's a great way to keep your home uncluttered and also appreciate what you already have. When you review your final list you'll likely identify what you really should get rid of and if you need anything new.

Use your journal to create a cleaning schedule.

Your journal can become your best friend during spring cleaning. Use your journal to create a cleaning schedule with only a small number of tasks per day during a timeframe that you allow yourself to complete these tasks. Using your journal to help you during spring cleaning can keep things fun and organized.

We hope that this season, spring cleaning in your home is a breeze and exciting.

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