Fun ways to inspire new journaling ideas

Fun ways to inspire new journaling ideas

No one likes running out of ideas, especially when it comes to journaling. We love getting creative and inspiring our community and ourselves to find new journaling topics. Here are some fun ways you can ensure that you will never run out of ideas for journaling.

Create a journaling idea jar.

Write down 10-20 journaling ideas; these ideas can be anything from goals that you have to simple questions, 2019 goals, and more.  Cut each of these ideas into individual pieces of paper. Place each idea into a jar. When it comes time to create your journal entry, if you are looking for inspiration, pull out one of your thoughts and start writing.

Form a journaling group.

Gather friends who also love journaling and meet with them on a regular basis. There is no better way to fuel creativity than in the presence of others who inspire you.

Expand on a topic from a previous journal entry.

A great to find inspiration is to find one of your favorite journal entries and expand on one of the topics that you discussed. There is always more that we could say and always more that we could share. This is an excellent trick for both journaling and blog writing.

For example, if you wrote a journal entry discussing some 2019 goals that you have, you can take one of the goals discussed and expand on it, discuss why it's a goal, and review in further detail how you can reach that goal. Another great example is that if you have made a list of places where you want to travel you can pick one of your dream destinations and journal a plan to make this dream destination happen.

Write a thank you letter to yourself.

When was the last time that you thanked yourself? We spend a lot of time thanking those around us, those who inspire us and those who appreciate us, writing a thank you letter to yourself is a great way to start practicing self-care. Self-care begins when you realize that you are worth putting yourself first, writing yourself a thank you letter in your beautiful journal is a great place to start.

With these fun tricks, you are sure to never run out of journaling ideas. Let us know which one you try!

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