5 Writing Tips for Journaling Beginners

5 Writing Tips for Journaling Beginners

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With millions of thoughts doing the rounds inside your head, putting them down on paper is the easiest way to stop feeling overwhelmed and to remember what makes you happy.

Keep your thoughts and feelings organized and focus on the important things in life by maintaining a daily journal. If you are a beginner, the first thing to remember is to journal every day. You'll be able to develop a habit of taking what you have in your mind and visualizing your future on paper.

Here are 5 writing tips for journaling beginners.

Complete the sentences

Also known as a sentence stem, this writing technique helps you bring your thoughts to completion. Start with a general stem-like, 'Today, I feel…' or a specific one like 'Right now, I'm angry because…' Customize your sentence stem to divert attention to a current issue, interest area, or question that is playing on your mind.

Choose Focus Points

Choose a few major aspects of your life that you intend to focus on such as health, love, spirituality, work, home, family, and education. Keep track of daily progress or lack thereof in all of these areas.

Do a Sprint

For journaling beginners, the sight of an empty page might be overwhelming. Do a 5-minute sprint where you time yourself while you write down everything that comes to your mind without stopping for the entire 5 minutes.

Make a List

Write down a list of 100 things that make you happy, sad, or excited. Once you are done, group together the items that have been repeated so you can analyze what is important to you and do more or less of that.

Go The Epistolary Way

Writing letters that you will never send is a good way to put into words all the things you might never say. The goal is to leave the letter unsent and simply communicate your feelings and emotions metaphorically. You could also write a letter to your past or future self.

Whether you choose a rigidly structured way of writing or a slow-paced easy style, journaling leads to deeper inner peace and self-awareness. Do what works for you, and give yourself permission to enjoy the process as it develops truly.

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