5 Ways to Keep Your Recipes Organized

5 Ways to Keep Your Recipes Organized

So, you came across an online recipe that caught your fancy, and you saved it on your phone or laptop to come back to at a later date. Today may be that date, but the recipe is most likely nowhere to be found! The best way to ensure that your to-try-someday recipes are easily accessible is to use some system of organization.

Organizing your recipes is especially important if you have inherited your mother’s favorites or there are dishes you cook that are to die for.

Here are 5 ways to keep your recipes organized and handy. 

Use Paper Binders

An old-school way of organizing your favorite recipes, paper binders are great because you can separate the recipes based on the type of food/course. With binders, you can also add pages wherever you need. 

Pick the Perfect Journal

Designed to help you keep a structured record of all the recipes you and your family enjoy, creating a recipe journal is the perfect way to organize your favorite recipes. From ingredient lists to cooking methods and your personalized notes, a quality journal can give you peace of mind in the kitchen while cooking your favorite meals.

Save Note Cards In a Box

For a DIY solution, record your recipes on individual note cards and repurpose an old shoebox to organize your cards. Separate different meats or courses with colored note cards so you can zero in on what you want to cook quickly. You can even repurpose your old recipe cards and glue them to a new leather journal. A great way to be artistic with your recipes.

Start a Visual Recipe Board on Pinterest

Pinterest is a treasure trove of great recipes and pictures of food to die for. This is a good option for people who are visual learners. Save the recipes you like on a single board so you can browse through the thumbnails at a glance. 

Start a Kitchen Library

If you have a collection of cookbooks, reserve a space in your kitchen for them. Keep your cookbooks accessible, bookmark preferred recipes, and keep a recipe journal handy, so you can record interesting recipes you find online. You can even store your new recipe binder or journal in this dedicated space.

Choose an organizational style that suits your temperament. Keep your beloved recipes safe so they will serve the generation to come.

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