4 Easy Step To Creating A Travel Journal

4 Easy Step To Creating A Travel Journal


Traveling can be one of the most fulfilling activities in life. It can make you modest once you realize how big, diverse, and unique this world is. The more you travel, the more unforgettable memories you end up collecting. 

Keeping a travel journal can help you amass all that new knowledge in a wonderfully creative space. A travel journal is a place where you can go to reflect on all those experiences, perspectives, and moments when you are miles away. 

Here are some easy steps to start a travel journal.

  1. Find your journal.

    • Select something compact and lightweight that you can travel with. it should be a journal that fits into a purse or backpack so that you can have it with you at all times.

    • I like the Soothi Traveler's journals. The regular size is perfect, the elastic loop makes it easy to attach a pen, and the Kraft folder is a neat space for postcards, bookmarks, ticket stubs, and more.

    • The Soothi 5x7 quotes journals are great for those that prefer to write more and need more pages.

  2. Collect small things during your travel.

    • Pick up a postcard; they are usually low cost and have a lot of creativity. Keep business cards of places you ate at or hotel room keys (when possible). Save the paper maps and the ticket stubs from museums, trains, planes, etc.

    • These small knick-knacks are usually free or low-cost but can help add a lot of personality and creativity to a journal. They are also great ways to remember where you went and what you did.

  3. Make notes and doodles along your journey.

    • You likely don't travel with art supplies so it would be tricky to start gluing and stamping your journal while you are traveling. However, jotting down notes and quick doodles can be a great way to remember those small things and add structure to your journal.

    • Write freely and get personal about what you are feeling at that moment. Maybe you went to that Instagram famous café, and it didn't live up to your expectations, but the low-key spot down the street ended up being a delightful find. The journal is your personal judgment-free space.

  4. Start creating!

    • When you get back home or maybe on the 18-hour plane ride home, start attaching all those little things and writing down reflections on your travel: the good, the bad, the unexpected.

    • Consider printing some of the many photos you took and adding them to your journal.

    • Here are some travel prompts that I like to use in my travel journal:

      1. Write about the people you met and how they made you feel.

      2. Write about food. What you ate and where you ate.

      3. About your itinerary. What do you like and what you would change.

      4. Rank your top 5 moments.

      5. The three things you would change about your adventure.

      6. The three new things that you learned.

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