12 Ways To Use Your Journal

12 Ways To Use Your Journal

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There are so many different ways to use a journal and while some love journaling for that exact reason, others can feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities. So, we wanted to highlight 12 fun ways to use your new journal.

1.     Dream journal – Track your dreams to see if there are any recurring themes and what they may and may not mean.

2.     Daily affirmation journal – the world can be a cruel place. So, it is good to start your day with some positive written affirmations.

3.     Goals and bucket list journal – Writing down the things you want to achieve makes them more likely to happen. Keep a journal of the list of things that you are working towards and what you will feel when you achieve them.

4.     Food journal – Studies have shown that if you track what you eat, you will start to change your eating habits to be healthier. I have tried countless digital apps for food tracking but ultimately found that a good old fashion journal is far more convenient.

5.     Recipe book -  Keep all your favorite recipes in one place. Add photos and notes to spice things up. Over time these could become the things you pass down generations.

6.     Quotes journal – For all those times you have come across a beautiful quote that just resonated.

7.     Sketchbook – Someone famous once said that “drawing is the most effective and fastest way to communicate an idea.” I personally love the oversized Soothi journals for this. They just scream “draw in me.”

8.     Calligraphy journal - A great way to see your progress over time. Our journals are designed to be used with fountain pens, so they make a great calligraphy companion.

9.     Lists journal – ahhh I love lists! When in doubt list it out. List your favorite places, people, foods, books, and so much more.

10.  Travel journal – Catalog all the beautiful places that you have been to and all the delightful memories that are associated with those places. My travel journals are filled with photos, ticket stubs, tags, washi tape, stamps, postcards, and everything and anything else that was worth keeping.

11.  Reflective journal – Use your journal to drive deep on a specific topic and how you have grown within that space. For example, one of my journals is all about friendship. How I define it, what my expectations are, and how I see myself as a friend.

12.  Unspoken words journal – We all have those moments where we want to let it all out but the mature adult in us tells us we shouldn’t because the aftermath is not worth it. Well, use this journal as a space to write all the things you couldn’t say out loud.

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