Soothi Affiliate Program – Tips For Success

Leather Journal

Thanks for joining our affiliate program, we appreciate your support for our brand. Your success is our success, so here are some tips and suggestions to get you started.

Our affiliates receive a 12% commission any time someone purchases anything on our website through their affiliate link.  This means you earn $12.00 for every $100 purchase.

To get started, sign-up for ShareASale and grab you affiliate link. 

We have created a lovely library of banner ads, text ads, videos, data feeds, and other marketing materials for you to use.  

Follow-us on social media where we share good stuff that you can use to for brand promotion. 

Suggestions on how to talk about Soothi: 

  • Show us your work space.  It’s always fun to see where people work and what inspires them.  Are you obsessed with minimal or do you love to splash color everywhere. Share with us and showcase how our office products fit in. Be sure to use #workescape and tag @soothistyle on social media.
  • Write a full review of Soothi.  Share what you love, why you love it, and how it fits in to your life. Be honest and tell us how we can be even better. 
  • Create a travel montage. We have heard that our journals make an excellent travel companion. Share with us where in the world you are headed or how you document those once in a lifetime memories. 
  • Share your expertise?  Show us how a master organizer get it done. Create a step-by-step process on how to get started with a bullet journal and share it with us on Pinterest.
  • Share your sketches. Are you a master sketch artist? Share your drawings with us on Instagram. Be sure to use #artescape and tag @soothistyle.
  • Email your list journal prompt. Engage with your community by taking the time to journal on a shared topic. Get creative and showcase how the blank pages of our journal transforms into something magical. 
  • Host a Facebook Pop Up Shop. Keep it interactive, fun, and limited to just short period of time. Offer prizes and encourage dialogue. Make it a space where people can get exclusive deals.  
  • Share your story.  Share how you use the journals. Is it a scrapbook, a wedding guest book, or did you get it as a present? Tell the world how you use it. People are always interested in learning different way they can use a product. Haven’t you ever seen those Nifty videos?

As always you can email us with any questions at