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The Unspoken Stories Project

Written By: Soothi Team Member Sabian Burley 

As you might have guessed, at Soothi we take our writing seriously because we take our thoughts seriously. We can all agree that in the current climate, advocating for mental health is far from a trend -  it's a necessity and it's long overdue. 

Unspoken Stories was designed to provide a safe space for releasing the thoughts, perspectives and records that we have always kept inside of us. As we write, we run towards the fear of letting go by detaching these experiences from our names and remaining anonymous. As you flip through a journal of nameless stories and statements, you are reminded how similar we are as people. It’s not a cliche for us to say “you are not alone” because you aren’t. 

You’re always accompanied by the vulnerability and self expression of others that have written in the journal before you. Our team wanted to provide a platform for people to express themselves organically without feeling as if the spotlight was on them. We also wanted people to feel validated as they flipped through the journal, reading thoughts and narratives that were similar or identical to their own. We are all so different which makes us incredibly unique, but the one thing we have in common is that we feel and that unites us all. 

Soothi Leather Journal Unspoken Stories Project 1
Soothi Leather Journal Unspoken Stories Project 2Soothi Leather Journal Unspoken Stories Project 3
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