We create and curate inspired accessories for inspiring workspaces, from individual objects to hand-coordinated, customized desk collections. Because we believe that when people work with passion, they live with purpose and make the world a better place. Our products are more than office supplies. They’re catalysts and containers for creativity and change. 

Press coverage
"Soothi Leather Journals are so exquisite that you want one for every reason you think of to start a collection—to follow every journey you go on and capture it. "
Engage Your Heart
Samata - April 19, 2017
"The perfect gift for him or her this Valentine’s Day"
Gift Guide: Soothi Handmade Zodiac Leather Journal
Christabelle's Closet - December 27, 2016
"Soothi is all about natural yoga inspired jewelry made from coconut shells, sandalwood and such. "
A Bit Of Bees Knees
"Made out of recycled paper and handmade leather, these journals will make your task of taking notes more fun and enjoyable."
Zodiac Handmade Leather Journal
Gadget Flow
"This silver chain bracelet from Soothi with wooden geometric pattern is dainty and feminine."
Budget Fashionista
" Soothi has the perfect collection to make any boho girl embrace her personal style."
Gratitude Gourmet
"Choose jewelry for her that is sustainable and with a small eco-impact. Companies like Soothi produce wonderful options that are made with products like repurposed coconut shells. "
How to Have an Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day
Aquaberry Bliss
" I wanted to start a company that would allow me to pursue my passion for fashion and jewelry, while making a positive impact on underprivileged communities around the world."
Krittika Khandelwal of Soothi: Socially Conscious Fashion
The Story Exchange - April 11, 2014
"Research studies have shown that women’s literacy is key to empowering women’s participation in decision making in society and improving their families’ well-being."
Here, visionary women rule and fresh, new design is the law.
Maiden Nation
"Soothi provides trendy women’s accessories for fashion and home made solely from eco-friendly, natural, recycled resources. "
Soothi: Style with Substance Launched to Supply Marketplace with Eco-Friendly Accessories
"Buy products from companies that use sustainable practices like Soothi. Their jewelry is composed of sustainable, natural products, and their Coconut Tree of Life Necklace can serve as a reminder that we are all part of the natural world. "
6 Small Acts of Kindness That Make a BIG Difference
Sweet Relish
" It’s wonderful to see a company that not only produces charming jewelry, but exudes what makes a great company, which is fighting for something that will help the world be a better place."
Dizzy Spangle: A Fath, Fashion, & Food Blog
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